BALANCE & INVERSION Challenge yourself not only physically, but also mentally. Balance poses strengthen and elongate our muscles, while we find our center of gravity, learn how to appropriately align ourselves, improve our equilibrium receptors, and really focus on rooting down. Inversions ease the work of the heart by facilitating the return of the deoxygenated blood back to the heart.  

CORE A strong core is the building block for all movement. Our core class focuses on strengthening your abs, obliques, pelvic floor, and certain parts of the back. We use static and dynamic movements as well as the TRX suspension trainer to isolate and challenge the core muscles. 

DOWN & DIRTY This is our Saturday class and is an exciting culmination to all the hard work we put in throughout the week. These HIIT style workouts challenge our beliefs in what we are capable of and push us to our absolute best. These workouts are the perfect set up to your weekend. 

INSANITY Live Challenge your body and push yourself to your max with the best selling program created by Shaun T. This hi-intensity workout takes you through group focused cardio drills, athletic conditioning, and explosive moves without any equipment. 

KICKBOXING This isn't your traditional dancy kickboxing class. This class is based off of actual MMA style moves. It is packaged together with bouts of strength and cardio. You will leave feeling absolutely legit.

LIFT 60 Want to loose body fat, gain muscle, burn more calories, improve posture, reduce back pain, and enhance your mood and reduce stress? Then this class is for you!! We lift heavy and put a huge emphasis on form and technique. We use single sets, super sets, giant sets, force sets, progressive sets, and drop sets to keep the body guessing. 

LIFE Low impact, functional movements for clients who are over 65 or are coming back from an injury and need to keep things at a slower pace and be given specific direction for their individual needs. 

PIYOLive Sweat, stretch, and strengthen in one low-impact, body-sculpting workout. PiYo LIVE cranks up the intensity and speed of traditional Pilates and yoga to help you shape sleek arms, flat abs, and a lifted butt—no equipment needed.

TOTAL BODY Get it done with this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. We hit all the major muscle group fast and hard. We keep the weight lighter allowing us to move a little faster. The focus is not only on driving the heart rate up, but also measuring how fast we can recover to go again and give 100% max effort. This class will have you scorching calories ALL DAY.