We have all been there. You join the gym, it's big, it's beautiful, they hand you a copy of the group fitness schedule and say, "Just try a couple of classes and see what you like." So you find yourself lifting every day or doing hard core cardio 5 days a week. There is no real plan, you just do what feels good that day. A couple of weeks go by and you begin to question if the gym is "working." And honestly, there is nothing wrong with the gym, the classes you took were amazing, so what's off? Your timing. When to do what. How often do you do cardio, when do you add in resistance training, and more importantly when are you giving your body a chance to recover?

At Live Free Health and Fitness, we take all of the guess work out of what to do on what day. You come in on Monday and we tell you, today is cardio via a kickboxing class, tomorrow we lift, Wednesday we work while we recover and prepare the body for the hard core work coming on Thursday and Friday. The monthly schedule is written by Kristin Leon, who is an ACE Certified Group and Personal Trainer. The schedule is optimized to get you the results you have been after, while caring for the body. 

In addition to not having to think about what to do, group sessions are just FUN!!! You find your tribe. You become like family. People notice if you are gone. They check in with you. You grab lunch together after class. We turn the music way up and get super silly with it, yes, even at 6:00am. LOL 

If you are looking for a place where you belong, come give us a try. We would love the opportunity to show you some love. 

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