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Total Body

its all about them gains

new members get started for just $45


Live Free Health and Fitness is a cross training studio in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a wide range of fitness formats for every fitness level. We offer both group and private sessions. 

Our total body classes are offered every Tuesday and Thursday and are focused on strength. The count, the tempo, the body parts worked, the equipment used is changed often enough that you don't get bored, but is consistent enough for you to feel the results of your hard work. As we age, is it so important that we focus on strength. Strength training can keep us running, keep us playing tennis, keep us paddle boarding. It is a pivotal piece to any fitness regimen.  

Each week in the studio tells a story. Every workout is designed to work as a cohesive program. Our head trainer writes each workout, so no matter what time you come through the studio you will receive the same amazing workout. 


Our in studio 2-week new member special is meant to allow you to meet our amazing squad and experience group fitness like never before. We believe in the power of community and accountability. We believe fitness should be fun. You should feel welcomed and inspired. Come for the physical. Stay for the mental. 


2 week access to Live Free group sessions

one-on-one welcome session

daily support and accountability

ongoing group support during 2-week trial

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