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SEEKING: Beta-testers for a new workout program!

Start beta testing FREE workouts as part of Live Free's new muscle building program for women 35+, STRONG FOR SUMMER dropping June 17, 2024

You'll get one new workout every Monday delivered directly to your inbox starting May 20, 2024. ZERO OBLIGATION. 

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Add your name and email to get immediate access FREE 👇🏼

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Hi, I'm Kristin! 👋🏼

I am the 42-year old founder of Live Free Health and Fitness and the creator of #StrongForSummer a brand new muscle building program for women 35+ launching June17, 2024.

As a certified group and personal trainer with over 10 years of coaching, I have worked with 1,000s of women, helping them get stronger, leaner, faster, and most importantly have a better relationship with their bodies.

I have decided to create #StrongForSummer because studies show most women will start losing 3-5% of muscle mass in their 30s and 40s if they do not actively and conscisously work to build or maintain muscle. Having more muscle helps maintain and/or speed up your metabolism, contributes to bone healthy, soft tissue integrity and so much more!!!  

I am so excited you are here to test out these workouts for me!

Beta workouts will be sent out every Monday through June 13. Once you join you'll get the exact details on how to offer your feedback for us!

You are the best!

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