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Edamame Salad 🤤

This edamame salad is delicious and super easy to make. It is just one of the recipes out of our 6 Week Nutritional Roadmap.

Next group starts September 21st. Open to members and non-members. You have the option of just doing the nutritional program or you can also join us for in person or virtual classes. We are here to serve YOU!!


⭐️4 cups shelled Edamame

⭐️2 cups sliced Napa Cabbage

⭐️2 cups shredded carrots

⭐️2 cups thinly sliced red pepper

⭐️1 medium avocado

⭐️1 cup fresh cilantro

⭐️1/4 cup black Sesame seeds

⭐️4tbsp. Asian Vinaigrette


⭐️1/3 cup Rice Vinegar

⭐️1/3 cup tamari

⭐️1 tsp. Raw Honey

⭐️2 tsp. freshly grated ginger

⭐️5 tbsp. toasted sesame

This recipe is from the Fixate cookbook 👌🏼

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