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Teen Girls Summer Intensive

This video has been deleted.

Being a teenage or pre-teen girl is hard enough, add in social media bombarding them with unrealistic expectations and false or incorrect information regarding health and fitness, you have a recipe for life long issues with their bodies and unhealthy relationships with food.

We are going to focus on:
  • What is true and what false

  • How to tell if an account is verified and is a reputable fitness professional 

  • How to tell a professional from an influencer


While professionals can also be influencers, not all influencers are professionals and they are not qualified to be handing out fitness advice to adults, never mind to children. 


We are going to learn about:
  • Anatomy

  • Different body types

  • Nutrition

  • The importance of eating whole foods for health not weight loss


We are going to breakdown the following social media platforms:




We are not only going to workout every day, we are going to learn how to structure a safe and effective workout. We will work on form and technique and address progressing and regressing movement patterns.


It is my goal to create a safe space for these young ladies to ask questions. Everything discussed with me will be in complete confidence, unless I feel it is a safety issue, then we will of course set up time to talk as a team. 

I didn't realize how this would impact me, but as I write this, I have tears in my eyes. Our young ladies need to learn to Live Free NOW. We don't want them fighting these internal battles that they aren't enough just the way they are their entire lives. 

I am an advocate of setting and reaching goals. I am an advocate of moving our bodies. I am an advocate of healthy eating. I am not an advocate of yo-yo dieting, diet culture or excessive exercise. 

I am looking forward to spending time with and getting to know your daughter. I am already praying for each girl who joins me this summer.

Space is limited to 10 girls per session. This is ensure each young lady has the opportunity to be seen and heard. 

Check out one of my current clients has to say about her daughter and our time together. ♥️

"Ladies, let me tell you! For the past couple months, my 13yo really started to focus on health. Eating good, working out etc. Then she started asking questions about how to work out certain body parts to completely change them. Then I started to worry. I tried to give advice, but of course, moms don’t know anything! I immediately reached out to Kristin for some help with showing her healthy ways to work out at home. My girl is the typical teen, the eyes roll, if it’s not on TikTok it’s not true etc. After just 2 sessions with Kristin, her attitude has changed. She LOVES Kristin (who wouldn’t), loves the gym. She is exuding positivity. I’m SO thankful for Kristin and her fitting us in her busy schedule! This is EXACTLY what these young girls need. Kristin, you were born to impact people of all ages"

*** The Pre-teen sessions will cover the same topics, but I think we can all agree some of the discussions and topics the teen girls may bring up may not be appropriate for our younger girls and to keep everyone comfortable I decided to separate the groups. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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